Thursday, February 16, 2006

ID Online comments - repost

ID Online
1. What components of the on-line meeting did you find most effective or useful? Why?I believe the most effective component was the podcast reading assignment. I really liked and made use of the asynchronous aspect of this tool. The ability to start, stop and replay is very beneficial. This would be particularly useful for ESL students.2. What component did you enjoy most? Why?I would have to say the entire session was quite enjoyable in the sense of seeing some of these technologies actually put into play, instructionally speaking. So, the whole of the eperience exceeded the enjoyment of any one particular technology.3. What component was least effective or useful to you? Why?Synchronous video. Although I was able to view the real-time video, I had trouble initially and missed the first part of the webcast.4. What component did you enjoy the least? Why?I have become accustomed to chat, but still don't care for it to carry on a whole class discussion. Too disjointed and asynchronous, although I think it has its uses but not as a primary instructional tool.5. How might an instructor use the information you’ve provided to leverage the Internet and Web to provide a more meaningful learning experience for students?I would suggest continuing to explore all of these different technologies. Some may work better than others given a particular assignment. Further, I would recommend continuing to use not as a one-off assignment but as routinely as possible. Through continued use, I believe the more useful technologies will become apparent.


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